About us

Either you are an old customer or a new one, I would like to welcome you to our E-shop!

Our physical shop is located in Kalymnos island since 2013 and it's a completely family business (Me , my wife Maria and our 2 little kids)!

I am from Kalymnos the sponge divers island and I come from a family of three generations working with sponges.

I personally choose and process by hand all my sponges and i guarantee for their quality!

My goal is to offer selected, excellent quality natural products from Greece, to all people worldwide who love our country and its outstanding unique products!!

I will always do my best to become better in discovering & delivering the best value for money and service at your door!!

Thank you for giving this chance by offering your trust and preference!!

Stay Healthy and Happy!!

Kind Regards from Kalymnos!!

Manos Fengaros

Athena and Poseidon